Message to Churches

Would you like to host Outfitters School of Ministry classes at your church? The class normally consists of 20-30 weekly sessions, and can be tailored to your church’s specific needs.

Alongside your own teaching, Outfitters classes will further empower your members with knowledge and understanding, encourage them to service and leadership within your church and your local community, open avenues of global ministry, and strengthen faith through the study of God’s Word.

Included discussions will explore evidences to find one’s gift and calling, confirmation and validation. Topics include personal evangelism, teaching the Word, public speaking, hospital and prison visitations, and missions. We explore the ingredients that make a servant leader, and work with those interested in the call of pastoring.

The curriculum includes required reading and ministry experience. There are additional requirements for Pastoral students including a required 6-month internship following the course.

Contact us to discuss the needs of your church and see a sample session handout.